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The Pacific Coast™ Dusting and Drying line of products are formulated to quickly, safely and effectively remove surface dust from all vehicles. Our specially treated fibers will not scratch vehicle finishes or clear coats and are perfectly suited for cars and trucks. Pacific Coast™ Dusting and Drying products clean interior and exterior surfaces without water, include a dust grabbing formula to clean between the seams and are completely reusable. By using the Pacific Coast™ Drying and Dusting products on a regular basis between washes, you can not only have showroom shine any time, but also save money on car washes. Try one of our custom formulated Pacific Coast™ Dusting and Drying tools and see the clean difference.

Our Story

Going back to 1953, our founders used the concept of “The Image of Difference.” It was a simple yet powerful idea that encouraged us to make everything we do better than it had been done before. Over the course of more than six decades, Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation has grown into a global company with market leading positions in a number of product categories. Yet across all our locations and products, it is the thread of this philosophy that holds together everything we have become and everything we do.

Hopkins® brings almost 40 years of cleaning solution insights to the marketplace by understanding the consumer’s need for innovation, design, functionality and quality. Our long-term success has positioned us as the industry leader in the vehicle cleaning solutions category. Hopkins® core development ideas have laid the foundation for our growth and we are continually adding “first in feature” products to drive the category forward. Industry leading innovation combined with custom performance tools led to the creation of our Pacific Coast™ Professional Dusting and Drying line of products.

Hopkins®, with the Pacific Coast™ brand, continue to expand the line and offer the best dusting and drying products on the market. See all of the products Hopkins has to offer:


Pacific Coast™

Professional Car Duster

  • Specially treated fibers lift dust and dirt, will not scratch paint
  • Long handle for added reach
  • Storage bag included
Pacific Coast™

Dash Duster

  • Specially treated fibers lift dust and dirt, will not scratch paint
  • Use for auto, home and more
  • Safe on all surfaces
Pacific Coast™

Drying Towel

  • Premium synthetic towel in a reusable canister
  • The easiest way to dry your vehicle
  • Also great for household, marine and drying pets
  • 3 Square feet

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